Sketching Trees: a new online course

There’s still snow on the ground when I look out my window, and apparently my friends in California saw some snow this weekend too! But eventually it will be spring here (and there) and I’ll be out sketching trees. I’m looking forward to that.

My sketchbooks are filled with drawings of trees. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may have seen my favourite tree. It’s a big old sugar maple that I’ve sketched every fall, and sometimes in winter and spring too. I’ve also sketched loads of trees when I travel, both in cities and in rural settings.

Trees convey so much about a location. They tell a story about the time of year. They provide scale, against which to measure people or buildings. Sometimes they’re a backdrop to what’s going on in the foreground. And often enough, they’re not just a backdrop. They’re the main subject. That’s why I felt like it was time to create a course focused on sketching trees.

Sketching Trees in their Time and Place is longer than most of my other offerings (over four hours long!) because we paint four full tree scenes (including my favourite tree) in watercolour, but I’ve kept it at the same price as previous courses. As always, for this first week, the class is discounted to $30 US or $42 CDN until Sunday, March 5 at midnight ET. After that it goes up to $35 US and $47 CDN.

Here are the trees we paint in this course. Have a look at my website to find out more!

4 Comments on “Sketching Trees: a new online course”

  1. Paola says:

    I’m sooo happy for this new course! Thank you!


  2. AshleyWolff says:

    Super timely for me as I am well into the sketches for a new book: The Towering Tree.! Yours will inspire me, as usual.


  3. friedakam says:

    Great! Another nice course!


  4. jeremc1maccom says:

    Our bookclub just finished reading Lab Girl by hope jahren

    You might find it interesting 

    True memoir

    Lots about trees and their importance 

    The suns out today

    I’m going to start your tree course



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