My favourite tree, year 8

I paint this maple every year. It has a perfect domed shape, and in the fall the whole tree turns a luminous yellow orange. The property where the tree grows was purchased this year, and the new owners have done extensive renovations on the house and garden, but thankfully the tree remains as is. In any case, you have to get a permit from the city to cut down any trees, and there would be no sensible reason to touch this once since it is not near any power lines, nor is it diseased. If you’re interested in seeing previous sketches of the tree: year 7, year 6, year 5, year 4, year 3, year 2 and year 1.

There are some upcoming events that I’m excited to share info about in the next few days. Watch for a new course launch in a day or so, as well as a live gouache demo with Etchr on YouTube.

12 Comments on “My favourite tree, year 8”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Love every one of them! It’s so good to see the collection spanning 8 years….some things change while other things remain the same. This years addition of people and pet is especially endearing. This series would look wonderful displayed together. I am fond of seeing a body of art portraying the same subject. Beautiful….every one!


  2. TonyU says:

    Love those autumn colours! Maybe it’s the dog’s favourite tree as well?


    • I was sitting there for a quite a while sketching, and on a nice day like yesterday there were many dogs out for walks. They all stopped to sniff in that spot! So there is definitely something intriguing about the tree for both dogs and sketchers.


  3. Margaret Horak says:

    Hi Shari! We enjoy the Year 5 Favorite Tree Painting everyday!


  4. sue fenyvesi says:

    Really enjoyed seeing this tree through the years, Nice looking tree, is it a maple?


  5. Chris Rusk says:


    We had a similar tree in our backyard which we had enjoyed for almost seventeen years.

    In what seemed to have been a very short time, it had become diseased (global warming?) and it was a ‘process’ to have it recognized as such, officially.

    I still miss it, but today’s sketch brought back its best memories – ours was always the last tree on our block to turn and it was as beautiful a golden yellow/orange as your tree is today.

    Thanks 🙂


  6. The tree shadow (green to purple) is brilliant, but the man and his dog really make this a standout. Not that the tree isn’t also quite showstopping.


  7. Sabiscuit says:

    How beautiful. Love the colour palette. 🧡


  8. Donna says:

    It’s one of those perfect trees, isn’t it. Thank you for sharing all the past paintings. Despite the dry weather the trees have been remarkably colorful this season. The oaks are starting to show their deep reds, rich browns now. However, there is a foot of snow on Mt. Washington today so winter is not far behind.


  9. Beautiful fall scene. Is it just me, or has the colour been spectacular this year. I’ve been taking Fall Colour Photos for over a month now and they are only now starting to go downhill. It just seemed earlier this year or something. Also, good job at capturing the man and the dog.


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