Announcing a new online class “Sketching Boats: Simple Solutions for a Complex Scene”

If you follow this blog you’ve seen many sketches of the sailboats at my favourite spot in Pointe Claire Village. I painted there many times this summer. I love that crazy, jumbled view of sailboats with their masts swaying in the wind, but I’ve spent many hours struggling with how to make sense of that scene. And thinking about past successes and failures sketching this gave me an idea for a new course. Sketching Boats: Simple Solutions for a Complex Scene is about just that: finding ways to simplify that tangle of sail covers, masts, ropes, rails and hulls, AND giving you a logical sketching process that you can apply to any complex scene.

In this course I’m excited to share all the steps I use on location, like analyzing the composition first, doing a little value sketch, and then painting from big shapes to smaller ones.

For a preview of Sketching Boats: Simple Solutions for a Complex Scene, have a look at the trailer.

14 Comments on “Announcing a new online class “Sketching Boats: Simple Solutions for a Complex Scene””

  1. monarchd says:

    You are one of the few instructors I’m able to follow along with and get good results in my own efforts without feeling frustrated. I think that’s one of the toughest hurdles as a beginner, feeling like you are having a successful, satisfactory painting after finishing a tutorial. I think this is because you are really skilled at breaking down the steps and not over complicating the brushes and choices of paint, etc. It is a repeatable process with any subject and that’s what I’ve gained most from your classes. I have now been able to do my own daily small still life painting every morning, takes me less than 40 minutes, with these skills you are teaching. This has encouraged me tremendously. Thank you Sherri for these wonderful classes!

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  2. Patricia LEFROY says:

    Hi Shari! This is Pat Lefroy, in North Vancouver! Just want to thankyou so very much for continuing to create new online courses for us all during this pandemic time…i get so excited when i see you offering a new one! Will take this latest one & also still want to take the reflections course! Keep ‘em comin’ …cheers, pat

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    • Patricia, thanks so much for writing and for taking the classes. I have so many students who buy the classes as soon as I release them and I am so appreciative!! I hope you like this one. You live near the water so you will certainly be able to practice!


  3. Looks like a wonderful class! I love water and boats as well. As per the previous person, you made painting flowers and homes possible for me. Next up – boats!


  4. Thank You!!! I am enrolled. I have learnt so much from all your courses but this one has a special meaning to me as I spend so much time in a marina.


  5. Betsy says:

    Oh my, which class to choose?? They are all so intriguing, and such enjoyable subjects! I look forward to this one for sure!


  6. Betsy says:

    P.S. I meant to say, I live in a small port city and many of my walks take me to the mooring slips along the waterfront. I’ve been too intimidated to attempt sketching the boats — the perspective is tough and mine often end up looking like wooden shoes! But this should really help! No more banana boats, lol.

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