Winter boats

The end of March is never pretty in Montreal. We still have heaps of snow on lawns, and mountains of it piled up in parking lots, but it’s mostly grey and slowly starting to reveal debris that’s been hidden all winter. It’s hard to find a subject that I am inspired to paint. But I can always count on boats. Even covered by tarps, they still have great shapes, and I especially like this location at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club where they are huddled under the trees.

I’ve painted this scene before in monochrome but today I added a few more colours — several blues, Raw Sienna, a touch of black and a few spots of red. I can’t wait to see these boats in the water!!

10 Comments on “Winter boats”

  1. Lori Zajic says:

    I love your boats! Even covered in tarps😂


  2. Betsy says:

    Huddled like ducks or geese in the snow! They resemble living creatures.

    Your skill in managing these unusually shaped volumes is admirable — with drapery, no less!


  3. Denise says:

    Another fine job on making the mundane look special! The boats seem to be saying “let us out of here”!


  4. This is a wonderful piece. So much complexity, in what appears quite simple at first. You made march look lovely. I’m glad your local boats are covered in blue, not white only like I’ve seen near here.




  5. bernadette says:

    This one makes me smile! You are so creative in finding places of interest.


  6. -N- says:

    I always enjoy how you find anything to paint and the simplicity and cleanliness of your brushwork. It’s easy to smear paint around but really hard to put it down without going over it, and over it, and over it, in an attempt to create perfection!


  7. Looks good!!! Our tarps are white, so there is little color at the boatyards. I’m waiting for the big reveal.


  8. Linda Uphus says:

    Sooo well done! I found myself just staring at this painting! Loved your use of color, shadows and details. I alway try to figure out what you painted 1st, 2nd and last. Hope it warms up soon!❤️


  9. You’ve managed to capture a beautiful scene in the least ‘beautiful’ tine of year— there is something extraordinary about a group of boats huddled in their winter clothes beneath a stand of trees. It’s wonderful!


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