Old and new

There’s a little bit of old and a little bit of new in this sketch. The tulips are new — brought over by a friend the other day — and opening slowly in my dining room. The painting on the right behind the tulips is old. It’s a big one (a full sheet), that I painted years ago, of a white chef’s shirt on a hanger. I don’t remember why I had a chef’s shirt because I was never a chef, but it was hanging on a door handle, freshly ironed, and it made a good subject for a painting. Sketched in my Hahnemuhle sketchbook while heavy snow was falling outside.

8 Comments on “Old and new”

  1. Beautiful tulips. The painting of the chef’s shirt amazes me.


  2. Ginie says:

    Beautiful Shari!

    You mention Hahnemühle, I’m using Hahnemüle’s Nostalgie and Akademie at the moment in one of Liz Steel’s classes to compare the two types of paper. Which H sketchbook are you using?

    And you paint looks like gouache. Is it?


    • Hi Ginie, The book I use is the Hahnemuhle 100% cotton sketchbook. That is the only one I like. These are fairly new. They came out last year, I think. And this is watercolour, not gouache.


      • Ginie says:

        Beautiful juicy washes! And thanks for the info re the sketchbook. I appreciate that. Keep up your lovely, inspiring work!


  3. ccaatt01 says:

    I like your thoughts about the chef’s shirt painting and “years ago”. Spent some time doing a little spring cleaning today and found things I don’t remember much about – been in the house for 40 years, so took the opportunity to clean out a little. Maybe I should sketch some of them before I give them away –
    You gave me the inspiration 


  4. Lynn Holbein says:

    Beautiful, as always!


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