Circular saw

There’s a spot just outside the fence at the boat club where I can set up my easel and look in at the big covered sailboats during the off-season. I always love sketching them before they go into the water, and spring is the best time because as soon as it warms up, they start repairing them and there’s lots of activity in the boatyard.

This morning I had the added bonus of Alex and his buddy standing in the middle of the scene, working on the circular saw. I knew the painting would be much more interesting with figures in it, so I quickly grabbed my pencil, drew the silhouettes of the boats and then added the two guys in. They were moving around a lot but I managed to get their general shapes. When it was time to paint them, they had already moved away, but the details of hoodies, caps and pants were not too complex and I was able to add a few loose washes on them. And of course they had noticed me painting, so on their lunch break they came over to have a look and take some photos of themselves in the painting.

23 Comments on “Circular saw”

  1. Chris Rusk says:

    Really nice :). Humans are great for scale 😉


  2. Patricia says:

    What a good one, my favorite for a while. Nice to see new and very alive subject matter that you captured so well. I feel drawn right into the scene. Wonderfully harmonious colors.


    • Thanks so much Patricia. It was my favourite to paint in a while too. Nothing beats being outside. It was a long, long winter with not much plein air painting and I think this reflects how I felt getting out.


  3. Gigi says:

    Wow, that’s lovely! You caught the spring sunshine perfectly. Note to self: stop knitting and start painting!


  4. Donna Skelcy says:

    Shari: Terrific painting. So complex! I was wondering if you painted on a large piece of watercolor paper? It looks like it was a large painting.


  5. De says:

    Shari, I am amazed how you capture “daily life” and make a beautiful painting. Those workers probably never thought their job could look so good. Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. lois says:

    I don’t know which would be more wonderful: me as the subject seeing myself painted or me as the artist having the subject come see himself painted. That has got to be such a thrill.


  7. Lori Zajic says:

    This is sooo good! LOVE the guys😁


  8. Terrific! The gesture of the figures is perfect, having spent a lot of time near guys with heavy duty tools, I should know. I always enjoy the volume and shapes of the hulls.



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  9. Denise says:

    Everyone was working hard today-hopefully the construction crew enjoys their job as much as you do yours!


  10. Ginie says:

    Adding people do add interest to a scene don’t they? I’ve found that too.


  11. Cynthia Baird says:

    I think you captured the essence of a working boat yard just right!


  12. Doug Kirby says:

    Really like your paintings. This one hit home because my son is involved in the sailing industry and I have been helping him here and there. I love being around boatyards.
    Thanks for your posts.


  13. Hubert Dombrecht says:

    Prachtig mooi de figuren zijn zeer geslaagd!


  14. Kate Miller says:

    It was super without the humans, now even more interesting.
    Won’t be long and the boats will be in their natural habitat. Thanks Shari


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