Red door on the square

There’s so much to love about the Victorian houses along Carré St. Louis. And so much to sketch. That’s why we selected the location for the final session of this weekend’s workshop.

And after all the worrying about the weather, we made it all the way to our final hour before we had a downpour. I was hoping for a group photo of all 33 of us but instead we scattered in search of shelter and eventually reunited for a goodbye lunch. My favorite part of the weekend? The sense of camaraderie that developed amongst the group. It was a joy to see everyone sharing their sketches at the table, exchanging email addresses and making plans to meet again. I consider us all so fortunate to have a common love of sketching that brings us together like this.


17 Comments on “Red door on the square”

  1. rob carey says:

    So beautiful! I could look at your sketches all day. My wife always loves a red front door.


  2. Lyn Seley says:

    Amen! An amazing weekend with the greatest group of artists I have ever met.


  3. Carola says:

    What a lovely painting Shari!!!!, colors, subject, the unfinished parts…I am happy you had a great workshop and I got to see some girls from Kamouraska’s workshop on yesterday’s photograph. Very nice!


  4. Lee Kline says:

    This is so well made. I have been wondering what pencil you use for your preliminary sketch.


  5. Lee Kline says:

    I thought I made a note earlier, but I do not see it. Your doors are so well made. I have wondered for some time, but I think I have not asked: what pencil do you use for your sketch?


  6. TonyU says:

    Hi Shari
    I’ve been following your sketches from the UK for a long time now and was really looking forward to seeing your posts of the Montreal workshop. So pleased to hear that it went well for all involved and, as always, your own sketches are great to look at and learn from. Re your last comment about ‘pen’ – am I right in thinking you said a while back that you use a Lamy Safari and Noodlers Bulletproof ink?


    • Hi Tony,
      How nice to hear from you. Thanks for thinking of us. Yes, the workshop went really, really well.
      I have a Lamy Safari pen with Noodlers ink but I have to admit I hardly use it.
      Even with an extra fine nib, I find that it is not fine enough.
      The pen that I use most often is the Micron 005 and although I find that the nib wears out way too fast I still cannot find anything that will compete with that. I sometimes use the Pitt Artist pens too but only if I want a heavier line.



  7. Diane Duford says:

    Shari, Thanks so much for a great workshop over the past few days. So much learned and so much to try out thanks to your patient guidance and insightful demos. Until next time …and in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy your adventures via your blog. Cheers! Diane D


  8. […] St. Louis. You’ll even see them in the Wikipedia entry for the square. One has red trim (here is the door I sketched a few years ago), one has teal blue trim and then there’s my favourite —the purple house. Since we’re […]


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