Front yard

The best parking spots are the ones that are: a) walking distance to where you need to go and b) have a view of something to sketch after you go where you need to go. This front yard in Westmount was a riot of fall colour, and luckily most of the foliage was still on the shrubs even though most of the taller trees have already lost their leaves. When I found a parking spot facing this, I knew I would have to find a little time to sketch it.

Today I tried out two more Princeton brushes from the box I received last week. This time I used rounds — a Summit series synthetic round #8, and a Heritage synthetic sable round #8. Both were a perfect size for sketching in my 8″ x 8″ sketchbook. The Summit is a little more springy, a bit like another favourite of mine — the Escoda Perla. The Heritage is also a good brush for sketching but neither of these hold a lot of water so need to be used in conjunction with a larger brush for bigger washes.


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  1. Beverley Rankin says:



  2. bdownham says:

    sorry the colour has gone but perhaps the shapes are useful. they were more yellow green with pinky beige at the rims Sorry I didn,t snap them immediately . .I look again tomorrow.

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  3. The first thing that came to my mind was “wow!” Although the colors are muted it is a gorgeous sketch of colorful autumn.


  4. As usual your combination of colours works superbly well : There is always a feeling of harmony in all your watercolours.
    As for the brushes it is great to have some feedback on how a specific brand or type works for you. I always try different brands (depending on price and shops)and I haven’t yet found THE perfect brushes. Maybe it is a question of going with the flow and just continuing searching and reading from different talented artists like yourself for clues… Today I have been “doodlewashed” and I mentioned you as a great inspiration as a teacher and as a formidable commited blogger which put me on the path of creating my own blog…


    • HI Agnès,
      I saw you on Doodlewash. That is so exciting, and of course thanks for mentioning me too. I have tried many brushes in my quest to find the perfect one. Of course if you have lots of $$$ you can buy Da Vinci or Escoda. Those are the best in my view, but there are plenty more that are also good. Windsor Newton Series 7 used to be the best but no longer. I don’t even see them advertised anywhere. Raphael is also good.


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  5. . I always try different brands (depending on price and shops)and I haven’t yet found THE perfect brushes.


  6. Mary P says:

    . I always try different brands (depending on price and shops)and I haven’t yet found THE perfect brushes.


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