The mind wanders

Ahhhh… Can you hear my sigh of relief that classes are done for this semester? It seems to me that the exhale is so loud it can be heard from very far away. But with classes over it means that the worst is yet to come — the piles of grading that have to be looked at before final marks are turned in.

I took a day off today to let my mind wander, sit in my studio corner, and think about scenes I want to paint. I’ve now added a few things to the room thanks to great ideas from blog readers — an old lamp, as well as a side table to rest my teacup on. A footstool will come in time. From that comfortable spot I drew Alice after her walk. Nothing too strenuous for Day One of my (almost) holiday.


12 Comments on “The mind wanders”

  1. Ineke says:

    Alice as always looks comfy and happy that you are home and that you will take her on walks when you need a break from marking. Enjoy!


  2. Donna says:

    So glad you took a holiday and enjoyed your studio space. And we all love Alice!!


  3. Soni says:

    Congrats !!! 🍾🎉 enjoy after grading & give Alice a big smooch


  4. Dml says:

    Hi Shari! You should have lay down with Alice for a nap, too! Maybe after the grading is done. Love your blog!!!!!


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    We are all sharing that sigh of relief. Looking forward to your work to come. Would love to see a list of the art books you plan to read-or your favorites. I finally got the book on David Hockney but haven’t read it yet.


  6. Janine says:

    I hear that sigh over here! Whew… another semester done, almost. And then ahhhhh, winter break! Enjoy it.


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