The Fur Trade Museum with USk Montreal

I put my Sennelier Sap Green into practice today when I joined Urban Sketchers Montreal on the Lachine Canal today. It was a near perfect summer day for sketching, and since the stone house (which is now The Fur Trade Museum) is surrounded by trees, I added the green paint to my regular palette to test drive it in the field. It made beautiful light greens with the addition of yellow, and rich dark ones when I added blue, so I may have to get a tube of this when I finish the half pan.

As for the USk Montreal group, it’s great to see how active it is. Marc Holmes and I planned our first outing almost seven years ago with seven people in attendance, including us, and it’s really gratifying to see it going strong. There are regularly 30 or 40 people every month, and more new sketchers every time. The group is planning an exhibit titled “The Lachine Canal and its Neighbourhoods” in October. If you are interested in participating or coming to see the show, here’s more info.

6 Comments on “The Fur Trade Museum with USk Montreal”

  1. Barbara Beynon says:

    The greens look lovely. Thanks for your comments on the Sennelier sap green. I too had found the Winsor Newton—and Daniel Smith—sap greens a bit overwhelming lately and look forward to trying out the Sennelier. Enjoyed the monochrome sketches in your earlier post. I forget how fun those are.


  2. Arlene Porter says:

    Love your art, yes I would love to attend the event as I live in and love Lachine’s history as well as Montreal. Thanks much,
    Arlene Porter


  3. Barbara Lindsey says:

    I’d read that the Winsor Newton Sap Green was one to avoid, so it’s interesting to hear about your experiences here. The Museum is a pretty building but I don’t think I would like to go inside to see the exhibit.


  4. Su Skjersaa says:

    Love your blog.


  5. joantav says:

    The mixes with the sap green gave you some nice greens. I like them in contrast with the stone building. Nice that you just suggested the stonework.


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