Fort Myers Workshop photos

Last week I spent a few wonderful days teaching a really fun group of sketchers in the historic riverfront district of Fort Myers. In this city there’s no shortage of fascinating stuff to draw, including palm trees, historic buildings, boats and reflections. All the stuff I love. We were even fortunate enough to spend an afternoon at the Edison Ford Winter Estates, sketching the houses and gardens of these two famous guys. It was a cloudless day so we left no time at the end of our day to visit the indoor display of historic cars or the museum that houses all of Edison’s inventions. Typical of sketchers! We never end up visiting half the stuff that most tourists see at any given site since we are always outside sketching.

Below are a few of the short demos I did during the three days: an exercise in values, a little street scene using a limited colour palette, mixing greens around the big banyan tree and a boat scene with reflections. We had a couple of torrential downpours and lots of overcast skies on days 2 and 3, but we managed to find shelter wherever we went. This is Florida, after all, and weather can be unpredictable. We also discovered that when all else fails, a Dyson Airblade hand dryer in a public washroom is the best method for getting wet sketchbook paper to dry.

10 Comments on “Fort Myers Workshop photos”

  1. Maggie says:

    It was an amazing course. As this was my first workshop, it was a bit intimidating but thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for a great three days. Maggie


  2. joantav says:

    Looks and sounds like a great place for a workshop! Lucky students.


  3. Avril says:

    Your work is amazing Maggie !!


  4. Emily Neel says:

    What a fun time I had! Wonderful bunch of people! Learned so much! Excited to do another workshop – hopefully we can get this fascinating group of philosophers, artists, software engineers, architects, golf course designers, publisher, writers, cyclists and nantucketers all back together again! What a treat to get away for a while and sketch and paint with you, Shari! Thanks for your patience and wisdom and fun loving spirit. Could not have asked for more at my first watercolor workshop.


  5. Tim Liddy says:

    Such a great learning experience, fun group and 3 day escape. I say we find a way for continuing to share our sketches amongst our group until we meet again. Let’s continue the spirit of Shari’s encouragement (Plus I need the motivation or life will get in the way).


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