Here’s one I painted live on Instagram today. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, so I threw some paint tubes on my table and pointed the phone at my paper. My son helped with the setup because millennials know how to do these things, and voilà, I started painting. Lots of artists are doing live demos during these weeks of isolation, and it’s a great way to connect. I wasn’t sure anyone would watch but sure enough, people kept popping in and saying hello, from all over the place. Alice even made an appearance. Some people asked that I post about live sessions beforehand so they can tune in, but there was something very nice about the spontaneity of the thing. I think setting a schedule could be stress-inducing, and who needs more stress these days. But it was a nice way to keep my hands busy for an hour, and remember that an hour spent painting is an hour you are not trying to remember not to touch your face. Stay well!

17 Comments on “Live”


    James Gurney includes a link to YouTube in his demos. Maybe you could do that !



  2. Just purchased my copy of ‘Urban Sketchbook’ and can’t wait to receive it. Also reblogged.


  3. mcammeehan says:

    Brilliant idea! Thanks because I am looking for inspiration and information 😄


  4. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Morning friend Shari,

    Very beautiful sketch. These are looking quite natural and realistic as origiunals.



  5. IRENE Reinhold says:

    It was very cool. Thanks again. This means I have to check Instagram constantly ( rather than once or sometimes twice a day) to catch your next session. You and Poppy Balser are my go to for inspiration. Stay well and give Allice an extra hug. Irene


  6. Janine says:

    I’m sorry I missed this one; I’m sure it was great if the finished painting is any indication of how it went. 🙂 I thought of another possible subject for the You Tube tutorial series, or one of these live paint sessions, if I can make a request – Composition, please. That would be so great. Stay safe and healthy!


  7. joantav says:

    I’m sorry I missed seeing it live…but I can understand that is a lot of pressure. It came out great!


  8. Deborah Thatcher says:

    I really enjoyed your live painting session! Will look forward to seeing more of them. I’ve been thinking about your gouache painting since, however, and am wondering a couple of things: First, is there a reason you would choose white gouache in lieu of a titanium white watercolor? Wouldn’t it accomplish the same thing—opaque color? Also, do you ever work with actual tubes of gouache? Thanks again, Shari. I’ve followed you for years now. Really appreciate your generosity—in time, talent, and willingness to share and teach.


    • HI Deborah,
      So glad you watched the live painting session. I loved that experiment and wasn’t expecting an audience, but it was fun that there was one anyway. It was nice to get the feedback. In answer to your questions: I tried white gouache for two reasons. 1: I already had a big tube of it. 2. I was reading Nathan Fowkes’s technique and wanted to try it. Yes, I do have regular tubes of gouache and have done many paintings with them. But I also have lots of watercolour, and would rather not invest in new materials if I can use what I have. So this method made sense for me, especially since it is more portable. Like Fowkes recommends, I take my watercolour palette with me and simply bring along a bit of gouache to squeeze out fresh each time. So there is no loss of paint. PLUS, and this is even more important to me, I know my pigments so well on my watercolour palette that I can obtain the colour mixes much more quickly this way. Make sense? Thanks for the great feedback about the blog. Much appreciated. And thanks for asking a good question that I may end up using as the start of a blog post if that is ok with you. Shari


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