Counter life

We’ve been having a cold and grey spring in Montreal, and it seems that all the spring flowers in my garden are in hiding. But I’m longing for some spring colour, so when someone from the house ventured out for groceries, I put in a special request for flowers — anything blooming and bright. I briefly considered setting up a still life with daffodils, but somehow it didn’t seem right to create an artificial setup. I painted them exactly where they had been plunked — in front of the toaster, to the right of the Windex, and next to my son’s water bottle which mysteriously disappeared while I was painting.

23 Comments on “Counter life”

  1. Jann Gumbiner says:

    You can make anything look beautiful!

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  2. Jann Gumbiner says:

    You can make anything look beautiful, even Windex!

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  3. Diane Kennedy says:

    Love the realism. We are in Picton, ON. Little warmer than Montreal. Stay safe & well.


  4. Chris Rusk says:

    Hi Shari
    I find this so interesting, the way that you have ‘laid out’ your paint.

    To me, it seems as though all of your colours ‘speak’ the same language.

    It flows.

    And your depth is, as it is always – absolutely stunning – you made my day! thx 🙂


  5. Judy Einboden says:

    Thank you for your daily paintings! They give me something to look forward to and a bit of a kick in the pants to paint something myself while staying at home … for weeks at a time!!


  6. loisajay says:

    You make everyday objects works of art, Shari!

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  7. Always look forward to your sketches ! Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration.


  8. Donna says:

    Well I set up a complex still life today, took some photos, and sketched it out before putting out the good paper. It will keep me busy for the rest of the week! I gathered boxwood,forsythias, ornamental quince and the one lonely daffodil and added some fruit to it also. I found sketching this to be calming, so that was a good thing! Your sketch gives the feeling on sunshine!!!


  9. joantav says:

    I love the tulip plants in their “natural” setting in your kitchen. Great idea and it looks great!!

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  10. Linda Murray says:

    I, too, love your still life paintings, Shari. They, and any of your paintings of food, give me so much inspiration. Thank you!


  11. Nice painting, I like the randomness of the stuff on the counter and the flowers. You’ve been doing a lot of black and white paintings recently with just a hint of colour and I think they work well.


  12. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Morning beloved friend Shari,

    This is very beautiful sketch, your artistic skill is well displayed on focusing the transparency through those items.

    It looks just same as an original site in the house.

    With blessings,


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