Market morning

I sketched at Marche Jean Talon this morning. Wow, it felt great to be at one of my favourite Montreal spots. To have an iced coffee, listen to the buskers and sketch the masked shoppers. But it was so sad to see that the market is half empty. No tourists. Empty stalls with no vendors. Hopefully that will change soon as local produce ripens. Despite all of that, it felt fantastic to be an urban sketcher again, even in 34C heat!!

16 Comments on “Market morning”

  1. Judy Sopher says:

    Nice market painting. Love how you carried the greenish yellow from the large umbrella through the plants. And then bringing it down to the woman at the right behind the crates.

    And–what is a busker?


    • Hi Judy. A busker is a street musician. As for the yellow, I used lots of Naples Yellow in that one. I was aiming for an opaque colour to give the umbrella some solidity. Glad you like it.


  2. sandidureice says:

    Hi Shari, thank you for your blog posts and classes. We have just entered our second lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. I am in a rural area, on the outskirts, so I can at least take exercise amongst nature. My art shop is outside my council area so I have ordered some more materials from them online. Loving your classes.


    • Hi Sandi, I have friends in Melbourne so I have been reading about your city. I am so sorry to hear this but relieved to hear that you can at least get out for some exercise. Glad you like the classes. Please be well and stay safe!

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  3. Gordon Lyman says:

    One of your best evers.


  4. jameswebbart says:

    I wonder how many people know what “buskers” are. Sadly there be none on Broadway this year ! Is this site under a highway underpass ?


  5. Wow, you’re brave. The heat was really too much for me today. I stayed in and did more of your course.
    Great painting. The quality of the light is just right! The white foreground works really well.


    • We were there early because Gabriel invited us for coffee. We couldn’t refuse. But by the time we left I was almost feeling faint from the heat, plus when you wear a mask it is truly unbearable to be outside. Good thing you stayed in.


  6. TonyU says:

    Love the sketch and so pleased you’re able to sketch outside again, particularly at one of your favourite spots. Another reminder that so many things we’ve taken for granted for so long really are very special.

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    • Yes, that was certainly a reminder of what we take for granted. Don’t you find yourself saying that about a lot of things these days. I am just thankful that we can be outdoors. I do wonder what the next lockdown will be like if there is a second wave of Covid in the winter. We have just been so lucky to be outside this summer and I am grateful for every moment I spend outdoors.


  7. Excellent scene of Montreal.


  8. I haven’t been there in ages! So there weren’t many people but YOU were there-
    an art world celebrity!!!


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