It was back to life drawing today with our model Marie. I brought along some gouache and used toned paper, to see what that was like. Marie has long curly grey hair which is a challenge to capture in gouache. I wasn’t really sure if using the white paint was effective, but it was a good learning experience.

Every week I feel grateful to be there, drawing, during this pandemic. But with Montreal and Quebec City moving into a red alert Covid zone tonight, I wonder how long we will be able to keep meeting. As long as the session is on, I will be there, appreciating every moment I can draw in person.

7 Comments on “Marie”

  1. TonyU says:

    Love the sketch Shari … and how you captured Marie’s ‘mane’. I so miss life drawing at present and hope for you and all your fellow artists that your class can keep on meeting.


  2. Beaumont Nancy says:

    I hope you can keep on going to life drawing. I miss that a lot and it’s not something one can do spread out in a parking lot, nor I have found out talk one’s son into poising in the dinning room. (kidding on these of course)

    I really enjoy your posts, with this virus it seems everyone I know including myself have become apathetic and sluggish. So your posts are a very gentle push to a least get out a pencil and do somehting.



    • Nancy, it made my day to read your comment. I know so many people feel isolated and very unmotivated to draw. It was a novelty in March to be forced to draw inside the house (even if it’s your son in the dining room!) but that gets old fast. So to read that I may have motivated you even a little to draw something today or tomorrow makes me smile. It has been hard for me to motivate myself too, and what has kept me sane is creating new online courses. I don’t know what I would have done these past six months without that. So tomorrow, I will think of you when I am drawing, and I will be hoping you are drawing too.


  3. I love hair like that and you did it well! I would feel the same way about going to the life drawing…do it before it the sessions end up stopping. I hope that doesn’t happen. We have been very lucky that there are so many online courses and opportunities during all of this.


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