Local spinach

I don’t know about you, but I’m spending more and more time on Zoom these days. And it seems like it’s going to be like that for some time to come. When the Zoom event requires listening but no active participation or watching, I often draw or paint at the same time. I’ve noticed that many sketcher friends do the same. Today I had just unpacked a delivery from Lufa Farms, and the local spinach was still on my counter. I painted it using lots of Ultramarine Blue and Hansa Yellow Deep, with a little Alizarin thrown in for the shadows.

24 Comments on “Local spinach”

  1. sandidureice says:

    Love the way you keep your whites.

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  2. Michele says:

    This is just wonderful. I’d love a class on fruits and veggies!


  3. loisajay says:

    Luckily, I avoided the entire Zoom trend by retiring in February. Thank goodness! My old workmates tell me I need to find a way to break into their Zoom meetings and liven things up! Sure…. 😀


    • Lois, I think of that all the time. I retired at the right time as well. The meetings I attend are mostly related to watercolour and sketching. I really have a lot of respect for all the teachers who had to completely redesign their classes these past eight months to be able to teach on Zoom. It’s an exhausting experience if you have to be on it all day! I hope you are enjoying your retirement!

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  4. Donna says:

    Aah——- fresh spinach!! What else came in your farm box??? Lots to draw. Will get to your boat class soon. 4 inches of snow with coloftl k a rain the trees. Should paint this.


    • Donna says:

      That’s supposed to be “colorful leaves”

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    • Donna, the Lufa boxes can be customized. They actually have a fantastic website. I chose mostly the vegetables that they grow on Montreal rooftops, because the other stuff I can get in stores. I have fresh basil, heirloom tomatoes, arugula, spinach, mint, green onions and a boston lettuce. I think I’m going to have some amazing salads this week. Plus my husband will cook that spinach with rice, a recipe I love! So lots to look forward to.


  5. Your greens always amaze me. Thank you for sharing the pigments. It must be a completely different teaching experience with Zoom. While nothing beats live workshops it does allow people to work with artists they normally would not have the opportunity to. I was so scared the first time I Zoomed, especially as some sessions are in the early morning.


    • Carmel, I think we all felt that way in the beginning with Zoom but I guess we are all used to it now. I am thinking of teaching some classes on Zoom soon too, for people who want a more personalized experience, and want to paint along with me. I am missing the connection with students too!


  6. Denise says:

    Such delicious looking greens and scrumptious shadows!


  7. Oh my, the orange band makes the entire image pop. BRAVO again mon amie.


  8. Nice work on the spinach!!! I find when I am on a Zoom meeting with other artists many of them are looking down…and I know that means they are sketching or painting something. lol


  9. Barry Van Dusen says:

    LOVE IT, Shari! Wonderful range of Greens, and that warm background wash really sets them
    off (is there some cad orange in there?). My favorite mix for dark greens is from your book: thalo blue and burnt sienna. I use it all the time, now! -Barry


    • HI Barry, So nice to hear from you! That background is my usual warm grey mix. I take all the dirty wash on my palette and add Cerulean Blue to that which gives it a nice granulation. If the grey is not warm enough sometimes I add a bit of yellow or ochre. Thanks so much for writing.


      • Barry Van Dusen says:

        GREAT TIP on your “warm gray mix”! I recently added cerulean to my palette (also because of your book!), and I’m going to try this mix for warm grays. -B


  10. A humble subject, beautifully portrayed.
    I agree with. Other comments, re: greens.


  11. Riseup Admin says:

    a stunner from a simple subject!


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