Today and yesterday

I thought I posted this sketch from yesterday, but apparently not! Here is what I wrote:

There was a long line outside Dragon Flower today. Everyone was buying bouquets, maybe to celebrate Easter or maybe to simply celebrate the joy of being outside on a cold but very sunny April day in Montreal. I sketched from across the street, in my car, and I celebrated too, with a take-out cappuccino in my cup holder and the freshest yellow I could find on my palette.

I was also out this morning, again sketching from the car. The scene wasn’t nearly as colourful, nor was there takeout coffee, but there were trash bins and that’s good enough for me.

15 Comments on “Today and yesterday”

  1. Theresa Dietrich says:

    A question if I may ask. In your sketch of the florist shop, did you first sketch in pencil or marker before painting?

    And a second one if I may. I am just working through your Luminosity course (which I am learning lots from thank you) and I notice that your pencil sketch prior to painting is actually quite dark. Do you always go this dark when you paint or are you going a little stronger so that it shows up in the video?

    Many thanks

    Theresa Dietrich


    • HI Theresa. Thanks so much for writing, and of course for taking the class!
      In answer to your questions:
      For the florist sketch, I drew directly in pen. No pencil lines first. I wanted this to be quite quick because I was with my husband who was patiently reading in the car while I sketched. Pen lines really help to define the dark areas and that reduces the time I need to paint.
      When I work with pencil I think I also draw with quite a bit of pressure which creates a dark line. I always need some structure in there, whether it be pen or pencil.
      I admire people who go directly to watercolour but I find that I need some sort of line.
      I hope that helps!


  2. TonyU says:

    Take out cappuccino and trash cans. Now there’s a girl who knows how to spoil herself!


  3. msjanenow says:

    Hi Shari, I love these 2 sketches. I’m guessing that you’re using a limited palette on both of them. (?) There are so many lovely colors, and i can see how you got there ! It inspires me to take your Luminosity class and give it a go !


    • Thanks so much! For the flower sketch, I think I used a lot of colours! But for the boat club door, it was mostly Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna and a bit of Raw Sienna.


  4. Paul Andrews says:

    You are the drive-by artist!

    Really nice.


  5. You really understand those bins!
    Lovely light and shadows. You’ve brought beauty to this common scene.


  6. LaVerna says:

    Hi Shari
    I just want to say that I always check out your work and simply LOVE it all. You are such an inspiration!! Thanks for all your art and all your posts. Enjoy the weekend!


  7. sandidureice says:

    Thank you Shari.


  8. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    There is beauty in all things! Including the hose! I was wondering about the storefront in yesterday’s post? Is it a lighting store or are those bird cages? Either way it works! Your crowd is wonderful.


  9. Northern Traveller says:

    These are lovely Shari! Thank god for sunshine and Spring – so welcome!


  10. Would it be possible to know what size, generally speaking, are your W/C sketches and do you use pan paints or tubes.

    Thanks Oliver On Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 3:02 PM Shari Blaukopf’s Sketchbook wrote:

    > Shari Blaukopf posted: ” I thought I posted this sketch from yesterday, > but apparently not! Here is wh


    • Hi, Thanks for writing! These days I am working in a A4 size sketchbook, so about 11″ x 8″. I always fill my palette with tube paints. I find that the colours are more saturated than if I use pans. Not that pans are bad. I find that the Winsor & Newton pan colours are excellent, and very saturated, but not all brands are like that. Plus if pans dry out they require too much water to reconstitute. Long answer, I know but that is why I prefer tubes.


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