Silo details

I was a tourist in my own city this weekend. After the long winter indoors it felt great to stroll down some of my favourite streets in Montreal, and also to sketch a few of my favourite spots. Grain Silo 5 was as rusty and decayed as ever, and even though the light was not that great, I had so much fun trying to capture its textures. There are so many windows, most of them broken, on the buildings, that it would have taken hours to draw them all. Instead, I simply painted layers of texture on the rusty elevators and added some window details with the brush. Sketched in an Etchr A4 sketchbook, using lots of blues and earth colours.

4 Comments on “Silo details”

  1. Interesting painting. Those Grain Silos really stand out to me, especially the one that looks like it has a little office at the top. Theres a bicycle bar/ restaurant near there along the bike path. I’ve only biked along the Lacine Canal once, but it was very interesting.


  2. Northern Traveller says:

    Beautiful Shari – I love when you capture the decaying & emerging infrastructure of Montreal (the new train line). Such great documentation.
    Mary (Toronto)


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