Arboretum melt

On Saturday we took a walk through the Morgan Arboretum. I didn’t have a sketchbook with me, nor was I wearing rubber boots. We managed to find a way through the brush so that we could avoid walking through the wettest part of the trail, but I did take a few photos because the melting snow and greenish water were so beautiful.

Today I was determined to paint the scene on a half sheet of watercolour paper, and it did take several tries before I ended up with something I was happy with. I wanted some of the melting snow to look partially submerged, and I also wanted to create a sense of movement with the brushstrokes.

I think I will go back to the Arboretum this week to paint the same scene, on location, this time with my rubber boots! It will be interesting to compare the results of studio vs plein air, provided I am successful and I don’t get knocked into the water by an overly zealous dog on the trail.

36 Comments on “Arboretum melt”

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    Shari, this is really stunning. The reflections, the transparency, the color and what a composition. I don’t see how you can top this, even on location. You continue to amaze!

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    • Jeff, thank you. As you might see today, the experience of painting the same scene on location yields a completely different result. But glad I did both. Hope it’s warming up in Vermont and hope that you too are seeing signs of spring.


  2. gaelle1947 says:

    So exquisite – lovely colours and movement as though the earth is gleefully breaking free from it’s wintry bonds – I can imagine Vivaldi’s “Spring” playing in the background!!!!

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  3. lois says:

    Shari–this is beautiful! I love the swirly water and all the reflections. Beware of overly zealous dogs!!

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  4. Bernadette says:

    You nailed it! Can’t wait for comparison painting on scene. Beware of unleaded running wild dogs! Hold tight to your supplies.

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  5. jankto says:

    I love the way you convey the movement and tint of the cold water. The warm hues on the trees make me think they are enjoying the refreshing spring run off. I really look forward to seeing this alongside your plein air work too. Make sure those are warmly lined waterproof boots tomorrow!

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  6. karim waked says:

    WoWzie !


    514 9944433


  7. I was walking (with waterproof boots) in a wet wooded area the other day and I thought to myself, how might this be painted?
    This is a spectacular painting. Almost otherworldly!


  8. Judy Sopher says:

    All I can say is “Oh, Wow! Just gorgeous. And ditto what has been said . I wasn’t sure what it was about at first which mad it even more special. It is hard to stop looking at it. So beautiful.


  9. Joyce says:

    That’s beautiful! The water looks so fluid.


  10. Denise says:

    How many more adjectives can be said about this? It’s mesmerizing! So easy to get lost looking at all your brushstrokes. Absolutely stunning, You are fearless!


    • Thank you Denise. Sometimes when I have a complex painting like this in mind, I fall asleep thinking about how I will tackle it. It doesn’t always solve the problem but it helps. Or else it keeps me awake : )


  11. Beth says:

    Shari…this is very beautiful!!!!! Happy spring to you.


  12. Excellent painting of Morgan Arboretum, it looks very “Vernal” I really like how you captured the water.


  13. Hi Shari,
    I don’t know how you could do anything better!
    Question or comment..
    I enjoyed doing the Winter scene class the other day. I have a tube of Graham and WN cerulean. Boy, what a difference! They are two entirely different blues!


    • Thanks so much Lynn!
      As for the Cerulean Blue, it is the one pigment that differs so radically from one manufacturer to the next. I know they all have different pigment numbers so they are not actually the same pigment, and that’s what is confusing. All the same name but each one different. That’s why you need to try them and work with them to really understand them.


      • Hi Shari,
        Well put. I will buy a new tube of WN as mine is pretty dried up! LOL the other brands seems to be more cobalt like. Thanks for your response. Will you three ever do that cancelled workshop in CA again? Lynn


  14. Suzanne says:

    What everybody wrote!! Wow!!


  15. Susie Langley says:

    Really like!


  16. Mira says:

    Love this ! You’ve captured the melting snow and swirling waters so beautifully! It has so much movement… amazing Shari! Thanks for sharing ..mira


    • Thank you Mira. It was really such a beautiful scene. I’m so happy I found the time to paint this week. Sometimes the week gets away from me and it seems all I’ve done is stuff on the computer. Hope all is well with you.


  17. Uma says:

    Good Evening dear friend Shari


    I think the most complicated was drawing those trees.



    • Thanks so much Uma. Actually the trees were easy. Those most difficult and complicated were the layers of snow and water.


      • Good Afternoon dear friend Shari,
        You are indeed a professional.
        As a layman, it is amazing to see even the tress at infinite projected with detailed features and that made me fall into that impression.
        Excellent work.


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