Breakwater, and an updated materials page

The overcast weather and nearly still water on Lac St. Louis were ideal conditions for painting the breakwater at the Pointe Claire Yacht Club this morning. Later in the day, while waiting for a friend to visit (yes, we can do that now!!) I started reading “E. J. Hughes Paints Vancouver Island“. I had never heard of this Canadian painter until receiving the book from my son a few years ago, and it’s a pleasure to learn about him and see how he painted his West Coast surroundings in oil, acrylic and watercolour. The book also includes lots of pencil drawings and studies he made for his paintings. There’s a spread in the book titled “Painting Technology”. So far, my favourite quote from the section is this one:

“Watercolours are a good test in getting things right the first time,” Hughes wrote to his sister Zoë on March 5, 1974, “as changes can only be made in darker and duller direction, and as you probably know from experience, in order to change a transparent watercolour in a paler and brighter direction, an artist faces a near impossibility, resulting in fuzzy edges. However, watercolours depend a great deal on happy accident for results.”

As for my own painting technology, I finally updated my Art Materials page to include my most recent studio and plein air materials, as well as a new section on gouache. Have a look here.

15 Comments on “Breakwater, and an updated materials page”

  1. Michelle says:

    Shari, I’ve always thought this, but I don’t tell you often enough: You do have quite a talent. Amitiés.


  2. Donna says:

    Thanks for sharing all your supply info. All those colors in your small box, well that’s amazing. Loved the lake painting especially the ripples in the lake. I just can’t get that


    • I’m glad the list was useful for you Donna. Yes, all those colours in that small box! It looks so good when I fill it up. Of course it gets kinda messy after a few days of sketching!


  3. Thanks for the supply list update.


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    I also want to thank you for the updated material list. And your painting is lovely. The water is fascinating. Can feel the movement.


  5. Northern Traveller says:

    Hi Shari – no accidents here – lovely! Plus, you can really feel the “grey” mood of the weather.
    Thanks very much for your updated materials list – so helpful.

    I’ve been eyeing the cup easel since you started using it – I love its seeming simplicity. I also just received 17 tubes of W/N designer gouache for my birthday. Funny how strange it is getting used to new paints – they’re so creamy but it’s going to take some time to understand the colours after five months of a $12 Talens set – LOL.

    Enjoy these lovely summer days! Mary (TO)


    • Wow, Mary, you are going to have a blast with all those new tubes. Now you need to buy yourself the gift of the cup easel. And just think, you will be supporting a young Canadian entrepreneur in the process! Glad you liked the materials list too.

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  6. deedster56 says:

    So beautiful, Shari. You captured the gray mood of the day perfectly and yet managed to keep the water so luminous and clear. Pewey Louis is no more.


  7. Hey Shari – I couldn’t read the labels on some of the paint tubes, do you have a list with the color and associated brand?


  8. Joan Tavolott says:

    What a great little island for a subject. Great reflections!


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