Announcing “Victorian Vignettes: Historic Facades in Light & Colour” — a new online course

One of my very favourite places to sketch in Montreal is historic Carré St. Louis, so it’s a real pleasure to launch “Victorian Vignettes: Historic Facades in Light & Colour” today.

In this new course, you’ll learn how to draw and paint stunning facades from start to finish. The lessons cover three full-length projects — a window, an entranceway, and a full facade — so you can feel confident capturing historic treasures wherever you live.

In this three-hour course, I’ll show you the steps I use when I sketch architectural details on location, starting with the all-important pencil drawing. Then we’ll get out our watercolours to add in the larger areas of slate, stone, sky and painted trim. We’ll contrast areas of light and shadow to add depth to our sketches and, to finish up, we’ll create visual excitement with calligraphic details and spots of pure colour. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might recognize some of these facades from my outings!

If you love sketching in watercolour and want a step-by-step process for creating architectural vignettes, this course is for you. In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Simplify the main shapes in your drawing first and add details later
  • Create focus and excitement with watercolour through contrast and colour
  • Use the right brushes for both large washes and detailed ornamentation
  • Glaze with luminous layers of wash on window reflections
  • Mix the right colours for architectural surfaces in both light and in shadow

This course includes:

  • THREE full-length video demonstrations that you can watch at your own pace, as many times as you like
  • A practice exercise in creating colours particular to these scenes
  • Downloadable reference images so you can practice what you’ve learned!
  • A detailed list of materials
  • A comments section where you can ask questions and post your finished sketches

Special price for one week only!

The regular course price is $35 USD or $47 CDN, but I’ve discounted it for this first week to $30 USD or $42 CDN. The launch week special expires on Sunday, July 25th at midnight EST and there’s no coupon necessary at checkout.

To find out more…

Head over to Victorian Vignettes to watch the trailer, read the course details and enrol. And if you have questions about the class, don’t hesitate to ask.

17 Comments on “Announcing “Victorian Vignettes: Historic Facades in Light & Colour” — a new online course”

  1. Denise says:

    What timing! My birthday is Friday, what a perfect gift to treat myself to! Love to draw buildings, can’t wait to get started!


  2. Marilyn Hansen says:

    This is wonderful Shari! I will look forward to it and sign up as soon as I can. I love Victorian buildings and it will be a perfect precursor to my sketching trip to Victorian Ocean Grove, NJ!


  3. says:

    I just tried again . In the Order summary, only the US $30 version comes up???


  4. jeanne1937 says:

    So very excited about this course. Just signed up however, I might have double paid. I paid with Apple pay and it said I would have to go back in and confirm since it changed the price due to tax. So I clicked on Apple Pay again. I don’t have any receipts so not sure whether this went through twice or not. Would you be so kind as to check into this for me? Thank you. Jeanne Brail



  5. deedster56 says:

    YAY!!! This is so exciting, Shari! I have always loved Carré St. Louis (and your wonderful sketches from there) so this will be such a treat. So happy to be taking this course.


  6. Ingrid Lacis says:



  7. Evelyn Peyton Murphy says:

    Hi, Shari. Once a person enrols in a course, How long will the sessions be available on line? Thank you, Evelyn Peyton Murphy St. John’s, NL Sent from my iPad



    • HI Evelyn,
      There is no end date for the course. Once you enrol, you can watch as often as you like, on your own time.
      People tell me that they often go back to individual courses to refresh their skills in one thing or another, which is great.
      I hope that helps.


  8. Tracy says:

    Thank you for another great class to add to my collection Shari! Do you have any plans to do a class on trees in the near future? I am especially interested in how to convey evergreen forests without, ya know, painting every tree lol. I live in the Western US near Rainier and have to admit that I am realling feeling a visceral need lately to capture landscapes that showcase trees….before they all burn up (and sadly, that does not feel as much like hyperbole as it should). The last few summers feel like armageddon between the wildfires and the drought and several of my favorite sketching spots actually burned down last year 😦


    • Hi Tracy,
      We’ve been watching what’s going on out west with some horror. In the US, as well as Canada which is burning up too this summer.
      As for a tree course, that is definitely on my list. Thank you for the good reminder.
      And I hope things get better there soon.


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