Out of the blue

It came out of the blue. An invitation delivered with such thoughtfulness and generosity that it was hard to refuse: please come spend a week on an island where the sand is bright white and the water is clear turquoise. How could I say no? I packed my brushes and my paints and that is how I find myself once again looking out at boats and bathers and blue waters.

Someone asked me recently if I take a different palette of colours when I paint in tropical places. This time, besides my usual colours, I made sure I had extra blues: Turquoise, Horizon, Cobalt, Ultramarine and Prussian Blue. I hope this will suffice.

24 Comments on “Out of the blue”

  1. karim waked says:

    Enjoy your stay dearest Shari!

    514 9944433


  2. TonyU says:

    Some people are born lucky, others make their own luck. Either way I’m jealous and looking forward to seeing some more of the island through your wonderful sketches.


  3. Denise says:

    It is beautiful there, and I’m sure your next few postings will convey that! When you leave there, I am extending an invitation to stay a week in Connecticut to enjoy (?) painting the 18” of snow that fell yesterday! Bring some of that sun with you. Enjoy!


  4. lois says:

    Turks and Caicos–what a wonderful invitation! It is freezing here in my part of Florida.


  5. De says:

    Beautiful blues! Love the tropical scenes. Thanks for sharing your wonderful January gift in the tropics; I’m in northeast Florida with freezing temperatures.


  6. Chris Rusk says:

    A really nice feast for the eyes (& spirits) after such a cold and contrary January. Your ‘blues’ are always welcome 😉


  7. Betsy says:

    ❤️, ❤️, ❤️!


  8. gaelle1947 says:

    so happy for you Shari! Looking forward to enjoying your wonderful Island and weather, all be it vicariously through your paintings that convey the feel of the place much more than photos!!! This will be a much welcomed escape from the massive snow banks here in the Canadian East Coast after this last storm! So bring on the warmth, the hot sands and the blue skies and ocean!


  9. Rita Cleary says:

    Lovely, Shari! Nice and bright and light and not overworked. Why can’t I do that? Ha Ha Enjoy that place.


  10. Donna says:

    Just lovely. We all want to be there.


  11. robynfrance says:

    Yay Shari–you lucky dog–it is so cold and dreary right now in North Carolina–I’m painting “fantasy peonies” in bright and light colors to get through the month. Love your boats. A great and well-deserved time for relaxation and painting. I have made it through 2/3 of 2 ofyour online courses–somehow, I don’t make it to the end but enjoy the experience.


  12. Oh, I love that you did so many different boats…and well My favorite is the one of the tall one that you posted first.


  13. Excellent paintings of boats!!


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