The end of winter

It’s not a very pretty time of year in Montreal. The snow is melting into dirty puddles, garbage that was hidden in snow banks is slowly revealing itself, and, like last spring, we are discovering a winter’s worth of discarded masks. On the bright side, it’s now much more pleasant to walk outside this week. I was early for a walking date with a friend so I sketched this scene from my car — dirty snow and trash day in Westmount. Sketched in my Handbook Journal, 8″ x 8″, with a Platinum Carbon Desk pen and colours from my travel watercolour palette.

16 Comments on “The end of winter”

  1. Chris Rusk says:

    Really nice. I love how the tree’s shadow transitions from a rich gray on the pavement to a perfect shade of violet on the snow. It flows so effortlessly and shows the contours and difference in surface texture so well. The recycle box is spot on too! Made my Friday 😉


  2. Susan says:

    I do like this one…ordinary life..Great!


  3. schartoart says:

    also the poop that no one picked up. I finally opened my windows and got fresh air. Not frozen shut anymore, but as I said to my friend in Austin, no one appreciates spring more the Montrealers


  4. lois says:

    Discarded masks…people just drop them on the ground in parking lots here. Like they couldn’t wait until they got to their car to take it off?! The lavender colors in this are so pretty.


  5. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    I enjoy your commentary along with the beautiful painting.


  6. larkintn says:

    It’s a hard time of year, isn’t it? But you’ve captured the hope of spring with the sun and shadows and we know that better days are ahead.


  7. Thierry K. says:

    Bonjour Shari,
    C’est toujours très intéressant de lire ce journal illustré.
    Combien de temps passez vous chaque jour à tenir ce journal?


  8. I enjoy seeing sketches of “real life” too.


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