No grass to mow

There’s no grass to mow in the winter so this landscaping company’s trucks and equipment are buried from December until spring. I saw this scene on a walk with Alice this morning, and I loved the jumble of shapes under the snow. This is another painting for the Peggi Kroll Roberts class on that just ended called Speaking the Vocabulary of Light. Painted on Canson Hot Press paper, which is really fun to use with gouache.

16 Comments on “No grass to mow”

  1. Marion Hodge says:

    Your light and shadows are absolutely bang on-I can really feel it.


  2. Bernadette says:

    Another great painting! I especially love the snow clinging to the tree on the R in such an interesting shape. The blues look so cold, while the red of the trucks call out for attention. It’s just a wonderful work! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I always marvel at your lights and shadows in your snow paintings. Thanks for giving us so many visual treats!


  4. And a gold star for this one!

    Marvellous light indeed. 


    div>I like the muted tones


  5. karim waked says:

    Oh mon dieu !

    514 9944433


  6. Mark says:



  7. Margaret Horak says:

    Oh wow! Let the light shine!


  8. susie langley says:

    Love the softness of the snow, the light and shadows. Thanks Shari.


  9. Karen says:

    Your work in gouache is fabulous!! Pleeeez offer another class in this medium!!!! Karen


  10. Mary Robbins says:

    When I finish your watercolor classes that I have downloaded, I will take the gouache course, but I was wondering is hot pressed the paper of choice for gouache?


    • Hi Mary,
      I like all sorts of paper for goauche. Sometimes I use toned paper (grey or beige) and sometimes white.
      I find smooth paper the best, so I do like Hot Press or even Bristol board.
      I find CP has too much texture. I like the paint to slide on the surface of the paper.
      I hope that helps. And thanks for taking the courses!


  11. Jane Guest says:

    Shari, I sent you an email this way this morning but I have been notified that it can’t be delivered for some reason.
    Did you get it and if not, can you please send me one so I can reply on a different email address.
    Thank you


  12. Typical Quebec, Winter Scene. The old trucks out in the waiste deep snow, with just a hint of sunlight shining through the glum grey clouds.


  13. Jim Mahla says:

    Great value change on the snow. 👍🏻


  14. I love your snow scenes! Wonderful~


  15. Brilliantly captured. Thé tones on the right are particularly triumphant!


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