Alice with a toothache

Alice has a toothache. I’m not certain if it causes her any pain because eating and playing (and sleeping) are all normal. But tomorrow the vet will take out one molar that is cracked and is likely causing some swelling in her face. I know she will be fine but I am drawing her today, AND giving her a few extra treats since I know tomorrow she will be a little bit miserable.

53 Comments on “Alice with a toothache”

  1. Lori says:

    Take care, Alice…. Lily and I will be thinking of you❤️


  2. J L Hovde says:



  3. Judy Sopher says:

    In my experience with dogs’ dental problems, they seem to get thru it all easier than humans. But Alice is special to all of us so I am anxious to get your message that all is well.


  4. AshleyWolff says:

    Awww, Alice I feel you! I have to get my teeth cleaned next week! Yikes.
    love, Rufus


  5. Jean A Paterson says:

    Sending best wishes for Alice to have a swift and successful dental extraction! Most of my dogs have had the same type of procedure and have felt better after recovery. Extra pats for dear Alice!


  6. Susan says:

    Poor Alice!


  7. Myra says:

    Awww hugs to Alice


  8. Kathryn says:

    LOVE this sketch of Alice!!♥ Good luck tomorrow!!


  9. jeremc1maccom says:

    Hi Shari

    My oldest dog has few remaining teeth due to broken teeth extractions


    div>He is fine although


  10. Beste says:

    awwww…. hope everything goes well tomorrow


  11. TonyU says:

    Wish I got that sort of sympathy and treatment before I went to the dentist …..


  12. Carol Evans says:

    Sweet pup. It may be a good time to get her teeth cleaned too. Sending hugs


  13. joanne lichtenstein says:

    Feel better, Alice!


  14. Betsy says:

    Poor Alice! Here’s hoping for a good dental surgery and recovery.


  15. Betsy says:

    Poor Alice! Here’s hoping for a good surgery and recovery.


  16. chicogal15 says:

    Poor Alice !!   May she be surrounded by doggie angels and visions of “good girl” treats! Wishing you both well,Patricia


  17. Charles Friedman says:

    She should be fine. Dogs and cats whether these things better than humans.


  18. friedakam says:

    Big hug for Alice ❤️


  19. Denise says:

    From the sound of all these comments, I hope Alice knows how near and dear she is to so many. Hopefully all the love and best wishes outweigh the discomfort she feels right now❤️


  20. Mary says:

    I’m sure the extra treats were appreciated. Good luck, Alice. Hope you heal quickly.


  21. Soni says:

    If Alice gets a toothache, the whole world moans

    speedy recovery, Alice


  22. nancywrobins says:

    Sweet Alice. I hope she has a seamless procedure and quick recovery, Nancy R.


  23. Awe, poor Alice ,hope all goes well so that you can enjoy more treats!


  24. Awe, poor Alice, hope all goes well so you can enjoy more treats


  25. pamlopez15 says:

    Poor Alice! Toothaches are hard on humans, how much more on animals who can not express their pain.
    Hope she feels better the day after the surgery. 🤗🤗


  26. Poor, Alice. I hope she does well. Nicely sketched, Shari!


  27. Oh dear. Poor Alice. Your drawings communicates much tenderness and affection.




  28. ccr1ccr2 says:

    Sweet girl. Hope she feels better very soon. Toothache is no fun at all! Lovely drawing and font.


  29. Jane Britton says:

    I love your Alice — hope she is a happier dog soon!


  30. Carol marshall says:

    Good luck and speedy recovery, Alice!


  31. Susanne says:

    Lovely sketch! I hope you feel better soon, sweet Alice.


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