Bennie and the fish

Bennie fishes off the pier in Pointe Claire. He casts his line into the dark water, attaches his fishing pole to the concrete barrier in the parking lot and then, because it’s quite cool and windy near the water, he gets into his car to stay warm while he waits for a fish. I’m also in my car, sketching him quickly as he fiddles with hooks and bait, and later filling in the background with water-soluble graphite. Periodically he gets out of the car to check on the line. No bites. It starts to get warm so I open my window. I can see him looking at me, try to figure out what I am doing. Eventually he takes a few steps towards my car and we exchange greetings. I show him my sketch and in return I get to see a photo of the huge sturgeon that he caught last summer. We talk for a while and then it’s time for me to go. I don’t get to finish my sketch, but we’ve had a nice chat. Hopefully next time, when our schedules coincide on the fishing pier, there will be success for both us. Bennie will have caught another sturgeon and I’ll be sketching both Bennie AND the fish.

15 Comments on “Bennie and the fish”

  1. TonyU says:

    Can’t wait for the next instalment! If you ever tire of sketching (which I know you won’t) there’s definitely a best seller in you!


  2. karim waked says:


    514 9944433

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  3. Karen G says:

    Nice story ❤️Great sketch


  4. ccr1ccr2 says:

    Oh I love this little gem of a story, a few moments, a little peek into other people’s lives!


  5. This tells a great story even without the fish. Nicely done! Hope you both have luck the next time.

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  6. Diane says:

    What a nice story.

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  7. Soni says:

    not a tall fish story but highly entertaining along with great sketch. maybe next time you’ll earn a share of the catch 😎


  8. Lori Zajic says:

    Your sketches make me smile😊
    They are so good! I just love them❤️


  9. Sylvie says:

    I love this scene; if not a fish, it’s capturing a lot of emotion 🎣


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