Today is green gold

While out for my morning walk with the dog I noticed the very first dots of pale green on some shrubs near the foundation of a neighbour’s house. Barely discernible really, unless you stopped and stared, but definitely there. I took this sighting as some sort of sign to rush home, pull out a tube of Daniel Smith Green Gold and plod on with my project of painting the little-used colours in my paint drawer .

I have to say that this was not an easy one. With some overripe pears and a few limes in front of me, I attempted to paint a little countertop still life. But unlike previous experiments with Carmine and Hooker’s Green, you can’t get dark values with this yellowish green. At least nothing that approximates the dark tone of a lime. I knew that before starting, of course, which begs the question: why did I choose limes to paint? But I’m still happy I tried, because the point of this exercise is more about getting to know your pigments as they come out of the tube (both diluted and a full strength), and less about creating accurate colour. And I look forward to using some Green Gold in the coming weeks as the trees buds start to burst.



10 Comments on “Today is green gold”

  1. Judy Sopher says:

    Contrary to what you wrote, my first reaction was about the wide range of tones you were able to get with the “darkest” doing the trick. I think this one is a “great” painting. and interesting.


  2. Janine says:

    This one really grabbed my attention because I LOVE Green Gold and all it’s many variations – Rich Green Gold (DS), Brown Green (Sennelier) Azo Green (MG), Greenish Yellow (Holbein), I could go on… It’s the perfect color for painting dill pickles, if you should ever happen to be doing that. Or for just brightening up whatever you’re working on. It appears to also be perfect for the pears and limes in your still life above. 🙂


    • Janine, you made me laugh today. And you gave me a craving for dill pickles. Azo Green is a colour I used to have on my palette, but the other ones are new to me. But don’t worry, I’m not going out to buy them. The last thing I need is more paint in my paint drawers!


  3. You actually got awesome darks with the D.S. Green Gold and isn’t it a beautiful transparent color? Does it stain or wipe clean-did you experiment with that?


    • Holly, I did manage to get some middle values with it! And yes, it’s a great colour. For a while I had Azo Green in my palette but removed it some time ago. It does wipe clean, at least on the paper I was using (Pentalic sketchbook). If you look on the limes you’ll see little areas that I wiped out as I tried to capture the light bounces on the fruit.

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  4. SONI says:

    Your values are always so very spot on & when I copy some of your pieces for exercises, I sadly see how uch I need to do just what you’re doing. I love limes, these are ripe for use !! Question, what did you replace Azo Green with & why did you remove it ? You’ve used like it so very much


  5. Suzanne says:

    I am awestruck! All this beauty from one tube of paint.


  6. monique says:

    I love green gold..forget who recommended it a while ago..but I like it..I wish mine would do what yours does:):)


  7. DiniAlice says:

    I have always loved green gold! I appreciate your excercises using only one color. I haven’t tried it yet because I have been busy on some other projects, but I want to try it soon.


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