A new pairing

Winter started with a bang and then faded. The snow we had in November melted away and except for a few flakes here and there, the ground was bare, and so was the wheelbarrow, until today.

Instead of using my daily palette and sketchbook, today I pulled a few new things out of a drawer: a Laloran sketchbook that I bought this summer, and a Daniel Smith Half-Pan set of earth colours called Desert to Mountains.

I love trying new pigments, and this little set contains six pigments that are mostly new to me: Buff Titanium, Raw Sienna Light, Bronzite Genuine, Venetian Red, Burnt Sienna Light and Lunar Black.

Buff Titanium and Lunar Black are both colours that have lived in my palette at one time or another, but my revelation today was to combine them. I’ve always found Lunar Black a bit too granulating, and Buff Titanium a bit too bland, but put them together and they make a warm grey that is quite opaque and very creamy — a pairing I will definitely be using again, even if it means carrying a second palette with me when I go out.

25 Comments on “A new pairing”

  1. Occasionally will keep items to use when writing. Receipts and phone cards when I refill my phone using the pin number as a pattern for a melody for songs I compose.


  2. Marylin Smith says:

    ….Hello little wheelbarrow!!!……. I feel like I know you…..


  3. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Great to see the reappearance of the wheelbarrow! Frank B


  4. Jeff Hyman says:

    The wheelbarrow is back plus a fun new color combination. Very nice. Thanks.


  5. Well, thank you for that revelation! Can’t wait to mix up some lunar buff gray.
    My wheelbarrow never poses quite as nicely as yours.


  6. Donna says:

    Love the warm tones. I will probably order these colors in the future. Be interested to see what greens can be made. 22 inches of snow here in the last day-and-a-half.


  7. Bernadette says:

    Great painting! It would be nice to see several of your wheelbarrows of past winters all on the same page. Each one is uniquely beautiful. I’ve loved them all!
    I like the warm red of the wheelbarrow also washed on the left side of the tree….very nicely done.


  8. joantav says:

    Our friend is back!!! These colors and how you combined them.


  9. Gerry says:

    I love that you keep painting your wheelbarrow ! The colors this time or just super.


  10. Leonie McLaren says:

    love to see . the wheelbarrow still making an appearance – love to see the seasonal changes through one object


  11. Judy Sopher says:

    Really like the colors you used. I have felt the same way about buff titanium but will try it with black. I am never satisfied with my gray mixes. I am also happy to learn you keep trying new colors. I do this and feel guilty about the money. But it is FUN if not necessary. and your ideas are so helpful. Thanks.


  12. Kelly Burroughs says:

    This little painting warms my heart. I’m saving the image to my phone’s wallpaper to continue to enjoy it. Thank you for posting these lovely colors.


  13. Jack M says:

    Good reading this ppost


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