Almost gone

With all the travelling I did in August, and a heat wave in Montreal, my garden is looking quite sad. But dead plants can be beautiful, especially if you contrast them with a few living ones. As they dry up, my Echinacea takes on a purplish brown colour, and I used it as an opportunity to try out some new products I received from our sponsors at the Urban Sketching Retreat a couple of weeks ago. A tube of Jadeite (a very deep green) from Daniel Smith makes the most beautiful granulation, especially when mixed with Lemon Yellow, Transparent Orange and Permanent Magenta.

34 Comments on “Almost gone”

  1. Elaine mcgann says:

    What a wonderful idea! We have been so dry here. Still have zinnias which are easy to paint


  2. Jean says:

    Your painting of Echinacea really moves me. Maybe it’s because it looks so much like the flowers in my garden in Winnipeg, or maybe because I am at the “past prime time” stage of life, but this painting speaks to me of life’s cycles. Thanks for this.

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    • Jean, what a moving comment. I have written before about how much the landscape designer Piet Oudolf’s gardens have inspired me because of the many stages of the garden cycle he considers in his planning. The shapes of the withering Echinacea made me think of him. Thanks so much for writing.


  3. Jeff says:

    These look so 3 dimensional. It’s like they are coming out of the computer screen. Beautiful.


  4. gaelle1947 says:

    Beautiful! You’ve given the dying plants eternal life! That new color sounds delicious!!!!


  5. Denise says:

    Love the transition from the bright green bottom leaves to the tops of the not so “lively” flowers at the top. Thanks for sharing another wonderful painting. Welcome home!


  6. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    Lovely! The dark of the fading blooms is a nice contrast to those still surviving. Looked out my kitchen window today and saw four raccoons scurrying through the yard, up and down a tree, and then into the woods. (Mama and three young curious youngsters.)


    • HI Cindy.
      Apparently we had a family of raccoons here too while I was away. I haven’t spotted them yet but sometimes one of them stands at my neighbour’s patio door, looking in.
      I wonder what Alice would do if she saw a raccoon looking in!


  7. Wonderful muted colors on the petals. I agree that flowers past their prime make lovely subjects.


  8. De says:

    Shari, that is BEAUTIFUL! Is this a large painting? It would make beautiful cards. (I hope thats not offensive, I love to buy beautiful cards.) I paint some of mine but always willing to buy some eye catching beauties like yours.


    • Hi De,
      Thanks for the idea. I also love cards, and that is a great idea.
      I often buy Strathmore bland watercolour cards and then paint on my own designs, but you are right, these would be really nice on cards. I just may do that!


  9. Bernadette says:

    Beautifully done. Sometimes a few new supplies or colors can spark lovely surprises. Very, very nice!


  10. Marilyn Hansen says:

    You’ve made them look so beautiful forever! I unfortunately killed my little lemon tree plant that was doing so well, but getting back to work I forgot to water! Time to start another seed. Like they say, when you get lemons (and my tree does have them!) make lemonaide!!


  11. Carla Giller says:

    Wow! Beautiful Shari!


  12. lois says:

    Shari–thank you so much for telling us the colors you use. I am always amazed at how much you do with so little. This painting is gorgeous!


  13. Uma says:

    Good Morning dear friend Shari,

    Very beautiful and awesome.
    The lovely color combination and brush strokes.
    Very pleasant to look at.



  14. murraylh says:

    Pretty combination.Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S9, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone


  15. deedster56 says:

    Oh. OH! WOW! I love how the colours play off each other. So beautiful.


  16. Tylara says:



  17. Connie Renaud says:

    Beautiful. You are the greatest inspiration.


  18. Excellent study of flowers, my garden is still looking quite lush and although the tomato plants are slowing down, we are still getting plenty of cuccumbers, we have another flush of raspberries begginnig to form, and the Hosta Flowers are 3ft tall. I think we had our best garden ever, but it doesn’t have that much more time to go.


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